Musima classical guitar

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Musima classical guitar

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Greetings from Finland (again), and sorry about my language (again), but I have practically no knowledge of german language.

I play classical guitar and I've been interested in Musima guitars. I have been keeping an eye for the better quality Musimas in local market and now I believe I might have found one. I don't kkow much about Musimas, but this one seems like quite decent guitar. Looks like it has spruce top and maybe maple sides and back. There seems to be five layers in the neck.

Sorry about poor pictures, but these are the only ones I have.

Are you familiar with this model? I'm interested in any info about it.

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Re: Musima classical guitar

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Hi marttiko,
the "Classic" series replaced the 1970's "Resonata" series. The Classic series was developed as a line they could produce with "industrial equipment" in high volume. They used some Japanese machines for production. Pre-Production started end of 1982. That model you have has a spruce top and maple sides and back, but I'm not sure if all is laminated wood or solid wood. I would guess laminated.
Model numbers were 130, 130 H, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 138 FD, but I dod not know what model number your guitar is.
The machine heads were specially developed for the Classic line and made by VEB Sinfonia.
There is a "Musima "Classic" aus Markneukirchen" Catalog, but I don't have it.